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The creation studio

Parfum Concept is among the few existing olfactory creation studios.
Founded in 1995, the company works with clients worldwide.

We create high-quality compositions with an emphasis on the aesthetic property of the perfume. Its aura, trail, signature, performance, remanence, and of course its scent, are what we focus on.

Our creative approach involves placing the perfume at the centre of discussion without any interference.

We are up to date with all current legislation, country-specific standards, raw materials and innovations.


Our work consists of creating perfume formulas according to specifications defined by the client.

Specialised in the luxury segment, we nevertheless also have experience working for other applications.

Each perfume is constructed with special care. We look after both its technical and aesthetic aspects.

We work under “mandate” with perfume companies and offer services on a freelance basis.

The briefs provided by our clients are processed in our laboratory in Geneva, and exceptionally on-site.

This approach enables a company to benefit from an external contribution: for its individual clients, to round out a team, address a special subject, or break away from a developed style.

Brands call on us to create their perfumes and derivative products.

The concentrate is made by one or other of our partners depending on the type of project.

The production follow-up is managed by us, and we remain the guarantor and personal contact, from creation through to the delivery of the concentrate.

For prestigious brands we can, if necessary, fill the role of “House perfumer”, alone or in partnership with perfumers who work with them.

This role enables us to be totally immersed in the universe and history of the brand.

It represents a real advantage for luxury companies that wish to produce a lasting style while exploring several new olfactory paths.

We participate in the implementation of the brief and create the jus.

We provide efficient solutions for the continuity of the project.

We manage the production and follow-up.

Brands call on our services for olfaction strategy consulting.

Companies active in the world of olfaction commission us for assessments.

We respond to all requests relating to the world of fragrances and perfumes.

Master Perfumer

Daniel André

De l'ombre à la lumière

A passionate and talented perfumer, Daniel André was trained at the Givaudan perfumery school.

He is at present one of the few independent perfumers to work successfully with the major perfume brands.

With 30 years of experience, he is always full of new innovative ideas, not only for creations, but also in the areas of research and training.

After obtaining post-graduate degrees in chemical engineering and biochemistry, Daniel André entered the Givaudan perfumery school in Genève.
Immediately enraptured by this both artistic and scientific universe, he dedicated himself entirely to this new challenge, with one goal in mind, to improve his skills. Thanks to his contacts with experienced perfumers, he gained knowledge and expertise that he has continued to build on since then.

After leaving the Givaudan-Roure group, Daniel André met Edmond Roudnitska, who was captivated by the precocious qualities of the young perfumer.
Daniel André supported the idea of the Roudnitska foundation and went on to collaborate on many projects with University Claude Bernard in Lyon in the area of olfactory research.

At the same time, Daniel André founded Parfum Concept, signing creation mandates with various perfume and cosmetics companies and brands.

Over the past 20 years, Daniel André has worked behind the scenes for various large clients. His ability to adapt, his discretion, his ideas, his technique and his aesthetic and perfectionist approach are undoubtedly the keys of his success.

Independence is not a goal in itself. It is the result of a combination of circumstances and meetings, plus an element of luck. It is a different way of imagining perfume, closer to its true status as a luxury object: one that makes people dream.


Although we are completely free, we use the help of certain perfumery companies for logistics and technical factors.

Our partners supply us with quality raw materials, which enables us to have perfect traceability between the client sample, made in our laboratory, and the production of the concentrate on a larger scale.

Via our partners we can supply from 5kg up to several dozen tonnes of concentrate.

A definite advantage that enables us to approach the most prestigious brands, small or large, without any complex whatsoever.

We have the ability to reinvent ourselves at each instant in order to align ourselves even further with our clients’ wishes and market trends. This is part of our strength and our DNA.


The structure of our creation studio allows us to keep a simple and qualitative approach.

We are attentive to your needs and can easily adapt to them.

Direct contact between the perfumer and the client creates a favourable climate for the realisation of your project. We go straight to the point and provide you with efficient solutions.


The world is constantly evolving. Markets are changing and the needs of our clients, and hence those of consumers, also tend to shift rapidly.

We imagine perfumes that meet the challenges that prestigious brands and perfume companies are currently facing.

We like to anticipate shifts and trends. This allows us to focus on the quality of our products without ever having to rush our work.

A project becomes a success at the exact moment the client forms an emotional bond with the perfume.

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