Seek, learn, apply

Understanding the olfactory system

In the aim to improve our olfactory capacities, we thought it was important to get to know our working tool: the nose

Right from the start of our activity we chose to establish links with universities and laboratories specialised in the area.

We thereby propose research topics and collaborate on the implementation of protocols for carrying out experiments. We participate in studies and contribute in our role of olfaction expert.

The results obtained are published, used and applied in our daily work.

Olfactory memory works differently from visual or auditory memory, both because it resists better to time and, especially, because it records, at the same time as the scent, the entire sensory and emotional context.

Sensory analysis

In order to get to know our raw materials better, we carry out tests and analyses with them in different applications.

We define their power of fragrance and useful lifespan. Their profile is then classified in a rational manner according to their perception threshold and amplitude.

On a different note, we create chords and olfactory profiles with captive products for specialised companies.

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