We made the choice to share our experience and passion with young perfumers from perfume companies.

Our approach to training is innovative and efficient. It enables accelerated learning with respect to the memorisation of raw materials. A technique acquired through our extensive research work. The results are convincing and lasting.


Formulation is central to our programme: from the initial idea through to the creation of a finished composition.

Each step in the creation of a perfume is examined in a simple way; efficient on both the aesthetic and technical fronts.

Surpass yourself

The talent of a young perfumer is enhanced through steady and thorough work.

Convivial exercises done “with” or “against” a professional perfumer enable greater understanding of how a perfume is created of the differences and of the journey ahead.

Passing knowledge on to others is like giving a part of ourselves. It is also the pleasure of gaining a better understanding of what we thought we already knew.

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