Parfum Concept

Parfum Concept is an independent creation studio. We work for perfume companies/groups,
brands and individuals.

Art & Olfactory creation

Our conviction is that a perfume should not only smell good, but also be well constructed and
demonstrate a defined architecture. These qualities are the true key to its long-term success.

I like to take the time to leave the beaten path to innovate, build and perfect new fragrances,
with a single objective: the emotion of excellence.


Our approach is unique and involves the hand of the craftsman.

We work under mandate and offer a personalised venture that favours on-going dialogue with the customer.


For more than 20 years we have partnered with universities and/or laboratories
specialised in olfaction.

We also develop chords for perfume companies through the use of captives.


We awaken the curiosity of young students, help them to discover their sense of smell and realise their projects.

On request, we offer training courses to young perfumers from the companies.

We organise and participate in conferences in the area of perfume and olfaction.

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